Sebastien Le Calvez
Breathtaking Landscape Photography, no gimmick or tricks
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A trip to Valley of Fire and Zion National Parks took me from the mountains, lakes and forest of New Zealand to the deserts of the United States. To get there, I flew to Las Vegas and drove in three different states, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Valley of Fire is a photographer’s paradise. It offers amazing rock formations that are easy to isolate and compose. I was able to see wildlife, capture some wide angle panoramas or zoom in to get the rock’s texture.

I found Zion to be much harder to photograph. As grandiose and imposing as it is, there’s a lot in there and it’s easy to make the mistake of trying to get everything in the picture. Weather conditions were not optimal either. It was the middle of monsoon season and a lot of the most beautiful trails were destroyed or inaccessible due to flash floods.

Both of these sites offer phenomenal opportunities for any landscape photographers and now that I’ve see what to expect, I plan to return back.